074: Enrollment Strategy Kickoff

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Show Notes:

President Wyatt and Steve Meredith are joined by SUU's VP for Advancement & Enrollment Management Stuart Jones. They discuss the impending enrollment crisis all colleges and universities are facing and talk through a few of the ways Southern Utah University is combating that enrollment drop.

Featured Quotes:

Well, as we go forward from here, one of the things that we need to be very aware of is that the enrollment challenges that universities and colleges around the country are facing may come to us. It’s just that Utah is a little bit behind everyone else in the declining of students coming to college because we’ve had a higher birth rate than many other places and because of the economic activity in Utah, primarily in the center of the population, the Wasatch Front, a lot of economic growth up there. But our birth rate dropped in 2008 like everybody else’s and we’re going to see some changes in 2026. And so, part of this growth strategy is to have a running head start when we know that the inevitable disruptions are going to occur in about six years.
Scott Wyatt, SUU President

. . . I think the most important thing that we did [at SUU] is made enrollment our focus. I love what Warren Buffet says, he and Bill Gates were asked what the key to their success was and they both said the same thing—focus. That you cannot do everything but you can do virtually anything if you really set your mind to it.
Stuart Jones, SUU Vice President for Advancement and Enrollment Management

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