108: Resilience Amidst Adversity: Supporting Teaching and Learning During the Covid Pandemic

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Show Notes:

President Scott L Wyatt and host Steve Meredith sit down with members of Southern Utah University’s faculty and staff to discuss how the University has adapted teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sylvia Bradshaw, Matt McKenzie, Johnny MacLean, Lynn Vartan, and Matt Weeg all share their perspective on the last year.

Featured Quotes:

I think all of these offices and probably all of the offices across campus have really learned a lesson in being nimble with the changing priorities as we’ve tried to address the challenges that…kind of the ever-changing challenges that have been confronting us. And I believe we’re going to take that nimbleness forward with us as we continue to be a leader in innovation across the USHE system and across the Intermountain West.
Johnny MacLean, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs, Southern Utah University

I tell you, the most exciting piece of it that came from this, we are now absolutely paperless. You can imagine a grants office and the amount of paper that was involved…we had already started making that transition and when the pandemic came along, that was beautiful. We have no more stacks of paper anywhere, it’s lovely.
Sylvia Bradshaw, Director of SPARC Office (Sponsored Programs, Agreements, Research, and Contracts)

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