096: Innovation in Higher Education: Lessons Learned: The Southwest Tech Dual Enrollment Partnership

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Show Notes:

President Scott Wyatt and Steve Meredith meet with two leaders from Southwest Technical College, Tessa Douglas, director of Dual Enrollment and Placement Services, and Will Pierce, Vice President of Instruction. They discuss the innovative partnership between SUU and Southwest Tech and how the two entities have developed multiple pathways for students to take courses at both institutions.

Featured Quotes:

The SUU students who come [to STECH] all seem to have really positive feedback about their programs. They’re really excited that they have an option to do hands-on type learning in addition to their academic learning at SUU. A lot of the Southwest Tech students who have moved on to SUU, have been really, really grateful because they don’t necessarily think they would have gone to SUU otherwise...
Tessa Douglas, Director of Dual Enrollment and Placement Services - Southwest Technical College

. . . we gathered faculty and administration at Southwest Tech and we said, “Let’s take a look at your [SUU’s] curriculum. Let’s pull together your syllabi, let’s pull together your…what textbooks you’re using, let’s get some examples of some of your assignments, some of your tests…. And we got all of that together, it was a monumental task.
Will Pierce, Vice President for Instruction - Southwest Technical College

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