097: Innovation in Higher Education: Lessons Learned - The SUU Speedway Campus

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Show Notes:

President Scott Wyatt and Steve Meredith sit down with SUU’s Provost Jon Anderson to discuss SUU’s newest innovation: a $10,000 bachelor of general studies degree program. They discuss the promise of online student growth and how this new program offers yet another path for SUU students to succeed.

Featured Quotes:

. . . as we did our financial modeling, we settled on a price point of about $79 a credit, which would allow someone to enter SUU Speedway Campus and finish a full bachelor’s degree for under $10,000. I believe we’re the first institution in the intermountain west to offer a full bachelor’s degree for under $10,000. The Speedway Campus only offers one degree program and that is a Bachelor of General Studies, either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. It’s a list of about 40 courses the student can complete to get to 120 credits and they can do that entering in seven week sessions.
Dr. Jon Anderson, SUU Provost

I really, fundamentally believe that the broader the brand is, the more recognized the brand is, the more success that every modality will have. So, as people hear about SUU being successful in any one area, that begins to bleed over to lots of other areas and the whole institution begins to elevate. It’s true that the rising tide lifts all boats, and the same thing happens with the brand of an institution.
Dr. Jon Anderson, SUU Provost

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