Ep. 282 Thank you, past me!

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Future You REALLY doesn't want you to miss this one, Awesome! Join Meg and Kelly for a fun conversation on all the ways we can create routines now to take care of the future versions of ourselves - whether it's later today or a few months or even a few years down the road! Plus a powerful book of prayer and a game-changer for facial massage and TMJ relief in Awesome of the Week!

AND! If you want even more conversation with the four original Awesomes, go check out the Sorta Spicy series on Patreon. The newest episode in the series is called "Covid Confessions," and in it, you'll hear Meg, Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura share their most heartfelt confessions of how the Covid pandemic has impacted their private lives. This episode is exclusively available for our Super Star Patreon supporters!


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Kelly’s AotW: A Rhythm of Prayer by Sarah Bessey

Meg’s AotW: Gua sha rose quartz

Morning Jen/Nighttime Jen post by Jen Hatmaker

Morning Self post by Jen Hatmaker

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