Ep. 284 Small hacks with BIG impact!

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We are all about helping you discover the little things that make life so much better, and this week, we are ALL ABOUT those little life hacks that make a big difference! Join Meg and Rebekah for a tip-packed conversation that is totally going to change your life. They have hacks for your home, your skin and hair, your kids, your marriage, and more!

BRAND NEW SORTA SPICY ALERT! This week, Super Star Awesomes got the next installment in the Sorta Spicy series: Kelly breaks down purity culture! This episode is exclusively available for our Super Star Patreon supporters!


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Rebekah’s AotW: I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Meg AotW: Maybelline Snapscara

Wet brush shower detangler

Shoe storage cabinet at Wayfair

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