Episode 159: Hidden Biases are Holding You Back

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Do you know what your hidden biases are? Are you aware of your behavior when you see someone or something you disagree with? Do you realize that you are giving off negative gestures/signals to the people or person that you are reacting to? You are, and you have been doing so for years.
Hidden biases are built into all of us. We usually don't know we are behaving in such a way, but we are. This means that the person we are projecting to the world is not the person we think we are projecting. The world sees you as less than what and who you are.
Ask someone close to you to find your hidden biases to tell you what they think they are. This is a challenging conversation because you will not like the answer. Once you get through this wake-up call, you will be closer to being the person you have always wanted the world to experience.

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