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Fabian is the founder of Cobiom, a collection of 'doers' harnessing collective intelligence to 10x impact for startups, drawing from bio-inspired innovation, circular economy, GreenTech, blue and regenerative business, systems design, and impact finance.

He was also the Director of Biomimicry Academy for a number of years, an educational platform with the goal of turning innovative minds into natural change makers.


  • Creating business models that create more economic benefit for all parties involved. Mutually beneficial systems that benefit the business, all the people in it, and the surrounding environment.
  • In nature there is no waste, by definition. So part of harmonizing with nature is creating systems that do the same.
  • Culture is a reflection of collective intelligence, our mind patterns. Change people's minds, change the world.
  • It's now possible to use decentralized technology (sensors) to sense what nature needs, and to give nature a vote in a democratic process when making impactful decisions.


Thank you Fabian for your depth of understanding of how to make real change.

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