Jill Mattson talks about her newest book; Home of Power - Life of Light

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Jill Mattson's new work addresses specific areas for potential transformation: · Abundance · Anxious or nervous & stressed · Lacking motivation, drive, stamina & interest in life · Want a relationship - attract a partner · Clear your Home of negativity/damaging energy · Lack confidence, shy · Address personal health issues · Tailor your setting to a particular Culture/Era/Master Identify the changes that you want to make in your life then create the energy of what you most want throughout your home. Surround yourself with the characteristic energies that you lack. Design and innovate an environment that radiates the frequencies that you require. Immerse yourself in a matrix of energies that will fill you with what you are missing - reach your fondest goals. Live in security and comfort. Mattson goes far beyond traditional Feng Shui interior design concepts and teaches us how to customize our Home living space for maximum personal effects. JillsWingsofLight.com

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