The Science of Creating Miracles with Dr. Larry Farwell

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Dr. Larry Farwell is a world-renowned neuroscientist and the author of the #1 bestselling book, The Science of Creating Miracles: Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Living the Life of Your Dreams. This book and the workshops Dr. Farwell conducts provide a practical guide to success and happiness in life. Dr. Farwell has been featured on CBS Evening News, ABC World News, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, the New York Times, TIME, US News and World Report. He has consulted with individuals, and top government leaders, including the President of the US. In addition to his pioneering research, Dr. Farwell invented Brain Fingerprinting, a scientific technique to detect criminals and terrorists and exonerate the innocent by measuring brainwaves. He tested it at the FBI, the CIA, and the US Navy, and used it to catch a serial killer and help free an innocent murder convict, and applied it in counterterrorism operations worldwide. He invented the first brain-computer interface, allowing paralyzed patients to use brainwaves to communicate through a computer and speech synthesizer. The Science of Creating Miracles book and workshops provide practical techniques for applying this new science to create your own miracles and live the life of your dreams. To learn more: Science Of Creating Miracles To purchase Dr. Larry's book, click here To learn more about Farwell Brain Fingerprinting

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