Could There Be Parts of Another Planet Inside the Earth?

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 41
*Could there be parts of another planet inside the Earth?
A new hypothesis claims large parts of the planet Theia may still be present buried deep in the Earth’s mantle.
*The anatomy of a Nova explosion
Astronomers have gathered their best ever observations of a spectacular stellar explosion called a nova.
*China gears up for war launching another spy satellite
China is continuing its military build-up with the launch of another spy satellite.
*The Science Report
A new study suggests that older people have a greater risk of getting COVID-19 twice.
Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier could cross tipping points with consequences for global sea levels.
Why people with red hair have a different pain threshold.
Archaeologists describe a stunning collection of Arnhem Land rock art images.
Alex on Tech looks at Facebooks sloppy security with your personal details.
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