X-Ray Blasts Discovered Being Emitted by the Crab Pulsar

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The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 45
*X-ray blasts discovered being emitted by the crab pulsar
Astronomers studying the pulsar at the heart of the famous crab nebula have discovered blasts of X-ray are being emitted when the pulsar experiences a sudden glitch called a giant radio pulses.
*How much extraterrestrial dust falls on Earth each year
A new study has calculated that some 5200 tonnes of space dust falls on to the Earth every year.
*China’s latest top secret rocket launch
China has launched another classified spy satellite into orbit.
*The Science Report
A third of kids hospitalized with COIVID-19 develop a severe form of the disease.
Australia’s black summer bushfires caused stratosphere temperatures to increase.
Scientists claim no single factor behind Australia’s megafauna extinction.
How many T-Rex’s were there?
Skeptic's guide to spotting someone trying to mislead you about science.
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