#38: Finding Your True Calling with Adam Posner

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On this weeks episode of Spin It, Stephynie enjoyed speaking with her dear friend and colleague Adam Posner. Adam is the Founder and President of NHP Talent Group: A Talent Access Consultancy, specializing in recruitment strategy, talent process and operations.

Prior to pivoting into the world of recruiting, Adam spent 15 years working within the very tough and highly complicated advertising world in NYC. He led account management and digital strategy at American Express, SIRIUS XM and digital ad agencies in NYC like VaynerMedia and EP+Co for Major Clients like Verizon, Pepsi and British Airways.

He is also the host of the popular podcast, #ThePOZcast- showcasing experts that come from the World of Talent, HR and everyone in between that has something to share that his listeners can learn from. The Goal of the podcast is to help you harness your inner tenacity to drive your career forward.


  • 00:00- Spin It! Intro
  • 00:32- Adam Posner Intro
  • 02:03- Adam’s Early Years
  • 07:37- Adam’s Journey At The University of Buffalo
  • 10:34- Getting Kicked Out Of Business School
  • 12:30- The Hustle
  • 13:41- Working At Vayner Media
  • 21:33- Beyond Vayner Media
  • 23:45- Becoming An Entrepreneur
  • 26:04- Experience Or Education
  • 27:17- Calculating Risk In Recruiting
  • 35:21- Creating #ThePozcast
  • 43:17- Becoming An Author
  • 47:30- Taking Ownership Of Your Life/Career
  • 48:00- Social Media & Important Links
  • 48:22- Spin It! Outro

Social Media & Important Links -

  • Website: NHPtalentgroup.com
  • Podcast: thepozcast.com

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