#40: Building Confidence and Courage with Ahmad Imam

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This week on Spin It! Stephynie is speaking with Ahmad Imam, who is the definition of a jack of all trades, doing a lot of things really, really well. He’s an edutainer, content creator, speaker, social media consultant, and highly regarded social media personality.

Ahmad is a firm believer that kindness should be at the heart of all things, especially business. Ahmad was bullied throughout his childhood, and he used his experience as inspiration to build his brand on the foundation of kindness.

Today, Ahmad is sharing his expertise in personal development and entrepreneurship to his over million followers on LinkedIn using his LinkedIn Live TV shows: Level Up, Unleashed, and Rising LinkedIn Stars.

We are so excited to talk with Ahmad about his journey, his challenges with childhood bullies and how he refused to let negativity get the best of him. Let’s dive in!


00:00 - Spin It! Intro

00:19 - Chris Voss Intro

00:47 - Introductory Comments

00:53 - Ahmad Imam's Childhood Story

03:25 - Bullied for being different

04:59 - How bullying affected his confidence

07:17 - A Humble Social Media Influencer

10:31 - How he handles Negativity

13:33 - What Motivates Ahmad in Helping others

14:37 - Revenue Streams & Experience

16:30 - Transforms Client to an Influencer

19:05 - How to say NO

22:47 - International Man of Empowerment

23:45 - Burn-out Experience

26:30 - Inspiration for Creating Content

31:29 - Being Authentic

34:10 - Building Confidence & Courage

39:19 - Looking back as a Rapper

39:19 - How Appearance can boost Confidence

44:31 - Learning from a Client

46:12 - Staying true to yourself & Values

48:11 - Working & Learning with the Greats

51:26 - Learning from failure

57:44 - Growth through Disruption


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