SOS #4: Wading Through Uncharted Waters with Kevin Clements

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Kevin Clements has experienced a lot in his life: almost making it into the Olympics in swimming, training with swimming legend Michael Phelps, watching his beautiful twin daughters gain fame on Instagram, and lastly, crushing cancer.

On this episode of Spin It on Sports, Kevin shares his incredible story which started with him training for the Tokyo Olympics. But after feeling not quite right, Kevin went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Kevin shares how he and his family were able to remain positive during this terrifying time. He also shares some stories from his career in swimming, and what it felt like to miss out on going to the Olympics...not once, but twice.

Kevin’s story is so inspiring. Press play on this episode to feel move and motivated this Friday

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0:13 - Childhood

02:30 - Journey Becoming a Swimmer

09:50 - Keeping Motivation After Failure

14:12 - Commitment

20:38 - Moving into Coaching

22:15 - Moving Back to California

29:12 - Being Dad to the “Most Beautiful Twins”

36:57 - Cancer Diagnosis

50:49 - Overcoming Tragedy and Remaining Mentally Positive

1:01:22 - Managing PTSD

1:07:30 - Closing Remarks and How to Contact Kevin Clements

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Kevin Clements LinkedIn:

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