Are foreign substances "performance enhancers"? Analyzing Pearson's, Manoah's pitching styles & Jays' pitching development w/ Dr. Mike Sonne

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Drew welcomes 3Motion AI chief scientist, Dr. Mike Sonne, to Spin Rate! Dr. Sonne studies biomechanics and how bodies' motions can affect things like pitching...maybe even pitching that's assisted by certain substances. He and Drew unhinge the truth from fiction in the foreign-substances-on-baseballs discussion. Spider Tack, sunscreen, Elmer's Glue, whatever pitchers use, should it be viewed as a performance enhancer? How does it affect a baseball? What changes have been made to baseballs, themselves, over the last couple of years? Why is Nate Pearson still battling control issues? Dr. Sonne breaks down Pearson's offerings. He also does the same for Alek Manoah. Lastly, the duo dives into Toronto's pitching development approach/results.

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