You get a homer, you get a homer, you get a homer! Vlad is baseball's best hitter & Andrew Miller a trade target?

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Yes, a typical Sunday series pitted against a vicious division rival, what more suspenseful, intense, nail-biting affair could you ask's 18-4? Wait, what?! 18 to FOUURRRR???? Toronto teed off on Boston in a most glorious fashion. A fashion in which two fashionable podcasters, Drew and Kaitlyn, talk about in today's pod. Diametrically opposed to the jacked offense, is the Jays' languid pen. Is Andrew Miller a pitcher that could reinforce the bullpen? Bo Bichette's play over the weekend reflects his growth at the plate. Vlad is baseball's best hitter, full stop. Also, what we miss most about Rogers Centre.

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