NFL Week 4 Waiver Wire MUST ADDS, Week 3 Recap, MNF Eagles-Cowboys Picks

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Pete and Spags recap all the Week 3 action, plus give out their early picks for the Week 4 waiver wire. Donate to Mike Tagliere's family's GoFundMe here Splash Play presented by Football Outsiders, subscribe to FO+ at, Go to to compare betting lines with the power of 100,000+ simulations. 🐦 Spags ➝ 🔴 Subscribe to Splash Play ➝ 🔴 Get the audio version on iTunes ➝! ► Follow Splash Play! First 1,000 followers get followed back! 📈 Run The Sims ➝ Get 10% off any package with promo code 'Pete'. All Run The Sims subs who use promo code Pete get access to a private DFS channel within the Deposit Kingdom discord: 👑 Want a free $10 on Underdog? Use promo code 'Pete' when you deposit for a $10 bonus ➝ 🎁 Randomizer Merch Boxes ➝ Randomizer Merch boxes are available now. It's the ultimate merch box for drinkers and drafters this summer. Box includes a $25 on Underdog Fantasy, a shot glass, koozie, coaster, raffle tix & much more. Use Promo Code Pete for FREE shipping. Want access to a best ball discord channel, private drafts, and custom badges and emotes on Youtube? 🔴 Step 1: Join the Deposit Kingdom discord ➝ 🎡 Step 2: Become Randomizer Royalty ➝ 🐦 Twitter ➝ 🎧 In A Vacuum (A Pete Overzet podcast) ➝ 🔴 Subscribe to Youtube channel ➝ 👕 Merch ➝ 💻 Website ➝ ✍️ Fantasy Life Newsletter ➝ 💰 Follow my bets on Betsperts ➝ 🤑 Manzcoin NFTz ➝ #week3 #fantasyfootball #draftkings

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