Lil Bape talks Zipped Up In My Tears and being independent on ”Sports and Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max”

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Shoutout to North Philly's own up and coming artist Lil Bape for coming on my show for an interview! Lil Bape discussed his newest project Zipped Up In My Tears, his video shoot for Heaven Sent, and putting together his team while staying independent. He got into about his experience of talking to some labels and one that may offer him the best opportunities. He talked about his goal for 2022, playing JV basketball in high school, and the artists that he wants to collaborate with. Lil Bape also mentioned that he has some Zipped Up In My Tears merchandise on the way soon. Stay tuned!

Apologies on the feedback, the speakers were turned up in the vehicle that Lil Bape was in.

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