Broadcast Anchoring and Getting Reps with Cassidy Hubbarth (EP 67)

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In today's episode of the Sports Business Audio Experience we sat down with Cassidy Hubbarth, ESPN host and reporter, live on the concourse at the SBC Studio Set during the 2022 NBA2K23 Summer League in Las Vegas. Cassidy provides insights on her journey from being a three sport athlete to now covering athletes and coaches on the sidelines.
In this episode we discuss:
- How being an athlete helped diversify her experience in the industry
- How Cassidy's mentors, Doris Burke and Stuart Scott, influenced her perspective
- Challenges Cassidy faced and how she overcame them
- Understanding how media is changing in the digital space
- Cassidy's NBA Summer League experience
- Cassidy's advice to a younger version of herself
- Importance of gaining reps, managing chaos, and handling yourself under pressure
- Cassidy's first sideline interview with Gregg Popovich on Christmas Day
In 2002, Cassidy Hubbarth, a Chicago native, attended Evanston Township High school where she was a three sport athlete. After graduating high school, Cassidy Hubbarth pursued a journalism degree at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She is now a Host and Reporter of ESPN and HoopStreams on Twitter.
1:29 - Broadcast Anchoring and Getting Reps
1:48 - Being A 3 Sports Athlete In High School
3:07 - Finding A Niche After Graduating
4:08 - Being Mentored By Doris Burke
4:44 - Remembering Stewart Scott And The Importance Of Showing Up
5:54 - Challenges As A Woman In Sports
6:25 - How Media Coverage Has Evolved
7:25 - Cassidy’s Advice For Young Journalists
7:35 - How Social Media Is Growing NBA Brands
9:15 - Cassidy’s Day To Day At NBA Summer League
11:17 - Advice For A Younger Cassidy
11:50 - Why Reps Are So Important
12:23 - Managing Chaos
12:40 - NBA Sideline Reporting On The Biggest Stages
14:08 - Getting The “Gregg Popavich” Treatment And Avoiding Being “Pop’d”
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