Calida Taylor - Winner of NBATV's GM School Competition (EP. 033)

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In today’s episode, we sat down with the winner of NBATV’s GM School competition, Calida Taylor. Calida is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School currently living in the Phoenix, AZ area. Calida is a corporate attorney with a passion for NBA team building. She enjoys diving into the CBA and basketball analytics in her free time and has been a guest on multiple NBA podcasts. In this episode we discuss:Winning NBATV’s GM SchoolHow tough the GM school competition from SBC wasPursuing her dream job in the NBAThe GM School provides an opportunity for NBA fans to have the opportunity to showcase their passion for data analytic skills while competing for a chance to break into a front office. Contestants put their knowledge and skills to the test through a series of high-pressure, analytics-focused challenges such as the draft challenge, media session challenge, hiring a coach challenge, and the trade rumor challenge. From participating in a mock post-game press conference to drafting franchise building blocks and selecting a starting five lineup, the contestants were put under the watchful eye of an All-Star panel of judges, including former GM Billy King, WNBA star Renee Montgomery, and former GM Wes Wilcox. At the end of the 3 episodes, the judges selected Calida as their winner based on the performance and results of the challenges. You can watch all 3 episodes of GM School here:Episode 1: 2: 3: with Beau Estes: Twitter Connect with Calida Taylor: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

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