Dennis Scott- On The Role of Confidence On and Off The Court

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In today’s episode, we sat down with retired professional basketball player and commentator for the NBA on TNT, Dennis Scott. Dennis spent the majority of his 10-year NBA career with the Orlando Magic (1990-97), earning All-Rookie Team honors in 1991 and helping the Magic win the Eastern Conference Finals in 1995. He also spent time with Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Minnesota, and the former Vancouver Grizzlies franchise.In this episode we discuss:Learning the value of confidence as a young player and how that’s helped him throughout his life on the court and in businessThe value of knowing his role when the Orlando Magic drafted Shaq and how that helped him personally and his teamPursuing business opportunities with his apparel and basketball camp company “Shooter’s Paradise”Scott hosts his own local television show while in Orlando titled "The Dennis Scott Show," and a weekend show called "The Highlight Zone." He also serves as the General Manager of the American Basketball Association's Atlanta Vision team, a position he has held since May 2005. Dennis and his wife Rachael reside in Sandy Springs with son Dennis III and daughter Crystal. His son Ryan plays college basketball at Johnson C. Smith University in North Carolina.Connect with Beau Estes: Twitter Connect with Dennis Scott: Instagram | Twitter |

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