Drew Watkins - The Man Behind the NBA Forever Commerical

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In today’s episode we sat down with Senior Vice President & Creative Director for Turner Sports & Bleacher Report Studios at WarnerMedia, Drew Watkins. He has worked at Turner sports for over 20 years and is an experienced writer and producer. Drew oversees production and manages the staff at the Turner Sports & NBATV Creative Units (NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA, eLeague). In this episode we discuss:Drew’s inspiration for the NBA Forever commercial and the entire processHow Drew’s career will be affected due to dealing with the current pandemic What Drew is hoping to do in his new role at Bleacher ReportDrew’s specialties consist of broadcast and promotional creative writing, directing, producing and post-producing, brand management, and creative team management. Connect with Beau Estes: Twitter Connect with Drew Watkins: LinkedIn | Twitter

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