Free Agency and the CBA with Larry Coon, Eric Pincus, Ryan McDonough, Calida Taylor, and Dave DuFour

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Today the Sports Business Classroom Audio Experience is presenting part two of the CBA Webinar hosted by General Manager of SBC and instructor of the CBA Mastery Course, Larry Coon. This webinar is an on demand course for learning the curriculum for the CBA, brought to you by SBC and CBA mastery on demand. Today’s webinar features special guests Podcast Host and NBA Analyst at The Athletic Dave DuFour, Bleacher Report Writer and NBA TV & Basketball Insiders Capologist Eric Pincus, Former Phoenix Suns GM Ryan McDonough and 2018 SBC Alum and Winner of NBATV’s 2020 GM School Calida Taylor. Find details at with Larry Coon: Instagram | Twitter | CBA MasteryConnect with Eric Pincus: LinkedIn | Instagram | TwitterConnect with Dave Dufour: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter Connect with Ryan McDonough: TwitterConnect with Calida Taylor: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

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