Mirin Fader - Working Towards Your Passion (EP. 034)

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This episode of the Sports Business Classroom Audio Experience is a conversation between host Beau Estes and staff writer for Bleacher Report’s B/R Magazine, Mirin Fader. Prior to working for Bleacher Report, Mirin contributed features to espnW.com and was also a staff writer for the Orange County Register from 2013-17. Before attending Occidental College she played basketball during her freshman year at Lewis & Clark College.In this episode we discuss:How Mirin fell in love with basketballHer personal parallels to the Gigi Bryant Story What the future holds for Mirin Fader Mirin has profiled athletes at all levels of sports, from the NBA and WNBA to the NFL, NCAA, high school, and youth. In today’s episode, she talks about the process of writing The Legacy of Mambacita, a story dedicated to Gianna Bryant honoring her love and passion for the game of basketball. Mirin shares how she had the idea and talks about the process of telling the story from conception to completion. She discussed how it both personally and professionally affected her and her career once released. Mirin emphasizes in her episode to never let the obstacles hold you back from chasing your passion, and encourages people who want to be in her position to use their obstacles as motivation. Folio Magazine named Mirin a Top Woman in Media in the “Up and Comer” category in 2019. The Associated Press of Sports Editors (APSE) awarded her James Ransom story with Top 10 honors for Best Feature Story in 2019. She also won first place in the 2019 Los Angeles Press Club Journalism Awards for best sports feature for her LaMelo Ball story.Connect with Beau Estes: Twitter Connect with Mirin Fader: MirinFader.com | LinkedIn |Twitter

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