Player, Person, Analysis: Scouting the NCAA Tournament with Dan Purcell (EP. 59)

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Kicking off our 2nd episode of the Sports Business Classroom Audio Experience series, “One Man and the Draft” hosted by Dan Purcell. Dan is a former Front Office Executive and Draft Specialist, and in this episode he hones in on Player Person Analysis.
In this episode, Dan discusses:
- Player Person Analysis (PPA)
- PPA philosophy
- Evaluating the evolution of a player.
- Analyzing sustainability in players
- Summarizing your PPA
- Draft process
- NCAA Conference tourney scouting: action and analysis
- What to expect in upcoming episodes
- And more!
At the end of this episode, Dan raises a core principle question, and invites all of you listeners to weigh in. Take on the challenge, engage and get some feedback from Dan!
Connect with Dan Purcell on Twitter: @iam_danp
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