Seizing an Opportunity with Leigh Ellis

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In today’s episode of the Sports Business Classroom Audio Experience, we sat down with the host of the No Dunks Podcast, Leigh Ellis. Leigh writes, shoots, produces and edits his own features for The Athletic. Previously, Leigh has been an analyst on the FAN590 radio station during the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Rogers Cup. Leigh has a strong passion for all sports, specifically the NBA, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Australian Rules Football and the Olympics. Throughout Leigh's career, he has a proven networking ability with well-established contacts in the sports media community. In this episode we discuss:How Leigh’s passion for the game led him to his current careerHow he transitioned from working at a bank to entering the basketball industryWhat keeps Leigh Ellis motivated Leigh’s specialties consist of working competently with a camera as well as working with editing software such as Aurora, Final Cut, Edius, and Avid. He has an in-depth knowledge of industry trends and tools, including search engine optimization, social media tools, and techniques. He was a personality on the podcast, blog, and NBA TV program The Starters formerly known as The Basketball Jones. Connect with Beau Estes: Twitter Connect with Leigh Ellis: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

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