Sports Science Could Be The MVP With Dr. Sami Daye, Alex McKechnie, and Ken Berger

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Host Beau Estes is joined by surgeon Dr. Sami Daye, Head of Sports Science for the Toronto Raptors Alex McKechnie, and Founder of Hoop Science IO Ken Berger. Today’s episode features another recorded roundtable discussion recorded live on the SBC Web Show.On the show, the panel discussed preparing for the NBA restart, medical concerns for the "Bubble," and getting fans back to events.Sports Business Classroom will be hosting a Virtual Conference August 10-14, 2020 to provide an opportunity to learn from the basketball industry's brightest minds!To register, please visit: you’d like to watch the discussion or view the show notes for this episode you can find them here.Connect with Ken Berger: Hoop Science iO | TwitterConnect with Beau Estes: Twitter

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