The Future of Broadcast Television with Tim Corrigan

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In today’s episode, we sat down with senior coordinating producer for the NBA on ESPN, Tim Corrigan. Corrigan oversees all aspects of ESPN game and studio production including NBA Countdown, NBA Tonight, NBA Coast to Coast, and NBA segments on SportsCenter. In addition, he produces ABC broadcasts of NBA games including the Conference Finals, NBA Finals, and NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC. He also oversees WNBA and Major League Lacrosse telecasts. Since 2004, Corrigan has also produced ESPN Sunday Night Football (prior to 2006) and Monday Night Football (since 2006) telecasts.In this episode we discuss:The responsibilities of an NBA ProducerTim’s experience in the NBA Bubble How Tim’s job is different in 2021 compared to 2020Steps that an aspiring NBA producer should takePreviously, Corrigan had worked as a production assistant (1987-89) and associate producer/director (1989-93) on a variety of ESPN events, including America’s Cup, French Open, NCAA basketball, college, and NFL football, and Major League Baseball. He also served as a producer of ESPN’s college football and basketball telecasts, as well as bowl games, and served as coordinating producer in 2002. He also produced the Women’s Final Four 1994-2002, the ACC Tournament 1993-2002, ABC Sports’ college basketball 1999 – 2002, the WNBA in 1996 and 1997, Olympic trials in 1996, and had served as producer of Winter and Summer X Games telecasts.Connect with Beau Estes: Twitter

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