NFL Picks + Eagles Bucs & Raiders All Try To Build On Week One | Three Dog Thursday (Ep. 77)

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Off a stirring kickoff weekend in the NFL and some huge Underdog outright wins by the likes of Oregon, Iowa and Arkansas host T.J. Rives returns for more this week on the only digital show that devotes itself to the doggies.

First, T.J. welcomes in Sean Green from the Sports Gambling Podcast to get things started. Sean and Ryan Kramer are fresh off a week in Vegas at the Wynn Resort giving out tons of winning advice. Now, he's ready to hone in on three pooches that he likes in college and the pros.

Which home team Saturday night does he like to upset a Pac12 favorite? And, in the NFL, will Sean go to his Eagles on Sunday with the 49ers? And, he likes another home dog out of the AFC, too.

Then, T.J. sprinkles in some NFL analysis of his own, including why week one in the NFL often doesn't mean much good or bad on what your season will be.

Then, he gets back to the Underdog talk with this week's "No Huddle" quick selections by Price Atkinson of the "Yards and Stripes...Service Academy Football" podcast, Brett Norsworthy of Sports 56 WHBQ radio in Memphis and TC Martin of the "TC Martin" Show in Las Vegas to get an underdog from each of them! Last week this segment produced 4 Underdog winners out of six selections!

Then, T.J. has an NFL doggie of his own to conclude things this week.

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