Peter Schrager on Sean McVay, Zach Wilson, & Changes at GMFB

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Episode 398 of the "Sports Illustrated Media Podcast" hosted by Jimmy Traina features a conversation with NFL insider, Peter Schrager of NFL Network and Fox Sports.
Schrager talks about the changes at "Good Morning Football" with Jamie Erdhal set to take over for Kay Adams as host, how the pandemic affected the show and why August is such a big month for GMFB.
Schrager, who is close with Sean McVey, discusses how close the Rams coach was to leaving the sidelines for a job with Amazon calling "Thursday Night Football" and shares some behind-the-scenes stories about attending McVay's recent wedding.
Other topics covered during the episode include: The reaction to the Zach Wilson story, current NFL players who would make good broadcasters, ESPN's docuseries on Derek Jeter, the death of the comedy genre in movies, "Succession," and much more

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