Renee Lopez Talked to 65 College Coaches About What They Look for in Athletes. Here's What She Found.

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On today's episode, we’ll hear from Renee Lopez, a longtime college soccer coach who runs a popular Facebook group to help parents of aspiring college athletes.
Coach Renee is one of the most respected independent voices in the athletic recruiting business.
She is the author of "Looking for a Full Ride," a step-by-step recruiting guide for young athletes and families. And she has written dozens of blog posts detailing ways to give your kid an edge in recruiting.
She shared so much advice, I’m splitting our conversation into two episodes.
In today's episode, Coach Renee:
* Tells you what coaches are really looking for in recruited athletes, based on interviews she did with 65 college coaches
* Breaks down some of the misperceptions young athletes and parents have about the recruiting process
* Explains why you don’t need to pay a recruiting service to help you get the attention of coaches
* Gives advice on the age young players should start reaching out to coaches, and tells you what to include in your emails
* And much more!
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Coach Renee's book:
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