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Making Ends Meet - by Peter Higginbotham is a play performed and recorded by Springline Radio Players ( Synopsis: With more creditors than clients, the Fiona Buckingham Introduction Agency is struggling to make ends meet. Cheap do-it-yourself dating through newspaper Lonely Hearts columns has reduced the membership to almost single figures making it ever harder to match clients up. Even Fiona's secretary, two-finger typist Beverly is getting worried. Things start to look up when, within the space of two days, two new members join. Reluctant Trevor Hopkins, who likes spiders but prefers to sit downstairs on buses, has been sent along by his aging mother. The other new recruit, Brigadier Gregory Chadwick, a wealthy widower looking for solace, seems to take a shine to Fiona. Could Gregory be the answer to all Fiona's problems? The text of Making Ends Meet is included in Peter Higginbotham's book Mr Malaprop's Revenge! A Collection of Sketches, Poems, Plays and Other Writing (available on Amazon -

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