NJ Governor Phil Murphy; Apple’s Unveiling; SpaceX in Orbit; Chevy’s Bolt, Aflame

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has issued a warning to residents who haven’t received a Covid-19 vaccine, advising them to register for their first doses as hospitalizations and ventilator usage climb across the state. Murphy discusses Covid safety in schools, tax changes for residents, and the fight for infrastructure on Capitol Hill. Apple’s new iPhone 13 promises improvements in camera performance, battery life and general speed; CNBC’s Jon Fortt breaks down industry headwinds ahead of the holiday shopping season. Plus, a fiery headache for the GM Chevy Bolt and a SpaceX liftoff.

In this episode:
Phil Murphy, @GovMurphy
Jon Fortt, @jonfortt
Becky Quick, @BeckyQuick
Joe Kernen, @JoeSquawk

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