The Taliban, A 'Taper Tantrum,' & Tesla

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The Afghan government has fallen to the Taliban, and global politics are shifting in response. CNBC’s Dan Murphy in Abu Dhabi considers the global and regional ramifications of the Taliban’s movements, as well as what’s at stake for President Biden, as he weighs an American response. Former State Department Official Evelyn Farkas, a longtime proponent of withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan, considers what’s next for actors across the international stage. As the United States continues to grapple with new Covid-19 cases, companies across the country are delaying their return to in-person work. Harvard Business School Professor Tsedal Neeley discusses the permanence of a hybrid workplace. Plus, the Federal Reserve is avoiding a “taper tantrum” as it considers a response to the recovering U.S. economy, and Tesla’s autopilot feature is under investigation, officially.

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