Conquer Your "Mount Everest"

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Ever feel stuck? Are you sometimes suspicious that maybe what's in standing in between you and goals goals Today's guest knows that our brain does a great job of tricking us into thinking we can't accomplish something. Colin O'Brady not only summited Mt. Everest twice, he's also the first person to trek across Antartica solo, unassisted. He shares how limiting beliefs restrict us from chasing our dreams, how to get out of your own way, and why a 12-hour walk might be exactly what you need to truly recharge (and why it's not as daunting as it sounds).

In our headline segment, we're sharing some frustrating news about an app we once loved. You can find a subscription for just about anything these days and Stockpile is now moving to a subscription based fee model too. We'll also answer Robert's question about allocating his 401k contributions between pre-tax and Roth and Doug will share his Mt. Everest wedding trivia.


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