Lessons For Better Living (from the dying)

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Are you truly living? Following your passions, doing what you love and finding purpose in life? The balance between living for today and saving for the future can be hard. How do you fulfill both sides of the equation? Jordan Grumet, aka Doc G, is a hospice doctor who takes care of patients at the end of their life. He's witnessed both sides of the spectrum: people who died with immense love and purpose surrounding them but very little money, and people who died with more money than they could ever need but lacked true connection and purpose in their life. Jordan is here today to help inspire you to live for today without sacrificing your needs in the future. He shares stories from his time as a physician and the lessons his patients taught him.

During our headline segment, we're looking at risk vs. reward when it comes to your investments. One study shows that most people don't understand the trade off between risk and reward and we dive into why. We also share how you can find bigger opportunities to save more without risk by sharing a video clip from Sarah Catherine Gutierrez about student loan forgiveness. We'll also answer Steve's question about 401k withdrawals in retirement and Doug will share his trivia.


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