Brad Johnson - Investing in Trading Cards

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Tune in to hear:

- How did Brad originally get into the finance industry and how did he get into trading cards?

- What are some of the draws, or compulsions, that get people into card collecting?

- What time period was referred to as “the junk wax era” in Baseball Cards and why was this such a poor time to collect?

- Are there any big takeaways that we can learn about broader capital markets from the ebbs and flows of sports trading card history?

- "Fanatics" is taking over Topps long held spot as the MLB’s licensed provider of trading cards. What does this shift signal for trading cards as an asset class and what are the other implications at play here?

- What sense, if any, can be made of the explosion of value in collectibles and trading cards during a time where they seemed particularly peripheral to what mattered?

- Do trading cards, as a class, tend to rise and fall together? Can diversifying between various sports and other collectibles, such as Magic or Pokemon cards, actually make a real difference?

- In the era of NFTs and blockchain technology, is the future of trading cards still cardboard or will this fall out of favor with the rise of these technologies?

- If one is new to collectible markets, such as baseball cards, what is a way they could dip a toe into these investments and limit their risk?

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