Cady North - The Resiliency Effect

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Tune in to hear:

- Why do we often defer our dreams for so long and how might we be more proactive in seeking them out?

- Reflecting back on their lives, many people wish they had taken more risks. Why might we see this with such clarity at the end of our lives, while actually living it in the present is so difficult for most of us?

- Is “following your dream” good advice for everyone, or do you have to be situated in a certain way to pursue this in a meaningful way? Is this a biased concept that only accounts for those who are already privileged?

- Being able to look beyond being burned out seems to be a necessary precursor to dreaming bigger. What manageable steps can we take to overcome burnout?

- How can trauma play out intergenerationally?

- How might we make trauma work for us instead of against us? What separates those whose traumas become maladaptive from those who use them to their benefit?

- How can we think about unlearning bad behaviors?

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