Daniel Crosby & Neil Bage - The Laws of Wealth

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This week, Dr. Crosby is joined by fellow behavioral finance geek Neil Bage. Neil is passionate about helping people make safe and informed choices and is a specialist on behavioral drivers of financial decisions. In this episode, we turn the tables and Neil interviews Daniel in celebration of the 2nd Edition release of Dr. Crosby's book 'The Laws of Wealth.'

Tune in to hear:

  • How does one go about controlling the controllable in their personal and financial life and what does one do if something that they have no control over matters a great deal to them?

  • How do financial advisors go about laying the right foundations for dealing with the emotional aspects their clients will inevitably encounter?

  • How do people maintain their composure and not get overly excited by, or attached to, a particular investment opportunity. Does this require a kind of courage?

  • What proactive steps can advisors take to factor into the human and behavioral element of investment advice?

  • Why might your average US citizen believe that investing in real estate is more fruitful than investing in the stock market?

Web: www.neilbage.com

Twitter: @NeilBage

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