Gagan Biyani - Lessons from a Lifelong Entrepreneur

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Tune in to hear:

- What was the process of launching Dr. Biyani’s business Udemy like?

- As an entrepreneur, how do you know when you’re a visionary that may be early to an idea vs. when the market is simply telling you your idea isn’t worthwhile?

- What advantages does virtual learning have over traditional learning and where might it fall short?

- Does Dr. Biyani think that a lot of the all-star talent in a particular field get pulled into online teaching, leaving universities weakened or less relevant?

- How might platforms like Udemy democratize education and bring down the rising costs of education?

- What are some of the benefits of having a cohort in a remote learning setting?

- Dr. Biyani had a previous entrepreneurial venture with 1,000 employees that ended up having to shut its doors. What lessons did he take away from this experience that might be instructive to inspiring entrepreneurs?

- How much does appropriate timing and the luck associated with that have to do with having a successful entrepreneurial venture?

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