Dr. Sarah Newcomb - Rewriting Your Money Story

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Tune in to hear:

- Why do conversations about finances often take on such a moralistic tenor?

- Is the moralizing of money a uniquely American problem or does this happen all over the world?

- How can we accrue the benefits of being well off without falling prey to the lack of passion that can accompany this at times?

- The possession-self link states that we don’t necessarily differentiate between the things we are and who we are. How does this play out practically?

- Those with a clear mental picture of their future have positive money experiences and those with a vague mental picture of their future have more negative money experiences. Is this a chicken and egg sort of phenomena?

- How can one start to cultivate an internal locus of control?

- Sarah created her own form of budget called the ‘Loaded’ budget - what is the psychological upside to using this budget?


Compliance Code: 2380-OAS-8/25/2021

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