Jamie Hopkins - How to Think About Retiring

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Tune in to hear:

- Is the classic retirement trope of working hard until your 65 and retiring to a life of leisure sort of an antiquated way of thinking about retirement?

- Is the prospect of people having to work later in their life net good or net negative for most individuals?

- Research shows that people who are retired, on average, are happier than those who aren’t. However, there’s also an outlier group of retired individuals who are much more depressed than those who continue to work. Is this due to not having enough resources, not being engaged with a community or some mix of the two?

- Is it a better approach to work really hard and retire earlier or to give yourself the space and time to explore hobbies alongside work and work later into life?

- What are the upsides and downsides of “FIRE” (Financial Independence, Retire Early)?

- Social security is the biggest pillar upon which the average person’s retirement plan rests, but we know that social security faces many problems if something isn’t done quickly to fix them. Should we assume that social security might not exist in planning for retirement or how should we think about the longevity of social security?

- What actions can we take to increase retirement savings? If money is tight in retirement, what options does one have?

- How do we move the needle on the social security problem when no one seems to have the political will to pose a difficult solution?

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