Jeff Kreisler - Dollars and Sense: The Psychology of Money

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Tune in to hear:

- How did Jeff’s professional path evolve from lawyer, to standup comedian and finally to behavioral science / economics?

- What lessons could behavioral science stand to learn from the art of standup comedy?

- If two different comedies tell a joke with similar content, the joke might land for one of them while feeling really caustic and tone deaf for the other. What might account for this difference and how can one exude more empathy and authenticity in such a retelling?

- What does Jeff mean when he says… “thinking a lot about money would be fine if, by thinking more about it, we were able to make better decisions?”

- What is the pain of paying? How do companies wield this against us and how can we take the power back here?

- Jeff talks about Ulysses’ contracts in his book. What can we learn from the myth of Ulysses and how can we practically utilize this to make better financial decisions?

- Where is applied behavioral finance headed and where does Jeff want to take it at JP Morgan?

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