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Johnny Sandquist is the Founder & CEO of Three Crowns Marketing. He's focused on supporting RIA firms and advisor technology companies for over a decade now. He has a wife and three kids and is a huge Star Wars geek.

Tune in to hear:

  • Does Johnny advise his marketing clients to avoid or pursue engaging their target market by taking a stance on divisive, political issues? If so, what might be the most prudent way to approach this?

  • In such a painful and tumultuous time, like Coronavirus, how can you keep your business top of mind and promote yourself while staying sensitive to the fact that you might not be offering an essential service?

  • The Oatly Superbowl commercial seemed to be the most universally hated ad that night. Is all of this attention potentially productive for them, or is will it potentially come back to bite them?

  • What are some common themes among the most effective advertisement campaigns?

  • How do we balance the, seemingly, conflicting values of self-care, “being a brand” and being authentic?

  • What might be the most overhyped trend in wealth tech and what is one that has a lot of potential and should get more attention?


Twitter: @JohnEllert

Compliance Code: 0988-OAS-03/24/2021

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