Lindsey Bell and Callie Cox of Ally - Investor Psychology in 2021

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Lindsey Bell is Ally Invest’s Chief Investment Strategist, responsible for shaping the company’s point of view on investing and the global markets. She is also President of Ally Invest Advisors, responsible for its robo advisory offerings. Lindsey has a broad background in finance, with experience on the buy-side and sell-side, in research, and in investment banking, and has held roles at JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, and CFRA Research.

Lindsey holds a passion for teaching individuals how to become successful long-term investors. She is a contributor at CNBC, and frequently shares her insights with various publications including the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Business Insider, etc. She also serves on the board of Better Investing, a non-profit organization focused on investment education.

Callie Cox is a senior investment strategist for Ally Invest. In her role, she helps educate Ally Invest customers about the financial markets through engaging content and strategic initiatives. Callie has worked in financial research for her entire career, with stints at LPL Research, TABB Group and Bloomberg. Her work has been featured in Bloomberg, the Financial Times, Yahoo Finance, and Barron’s (among other publications). You can also find her on Twitter at @callieabost.

Tune in to hear:

  • Are investors primed for both fear and greed based on their experiences with crises such as the tech bubble, great financial crisis and Coronavirus?

  • Some think we are about to enter into a “second Roaring Twenties.” What do Lindsey and Callie make of this thesis?

  • Was the collectivist approach of Wallstreet Bets driven by a combination of loneliness and interconnectedness on the internet, or was it potentially just a fad?

  • Are people really learning about markets and getting engaged about markets in a meaningful, discerning way on Wallstreet Bets?

  • By most estimates, institutional money accounts for 70-75% of the volume in the markets. Are we overstating the impact of retail investors?

  • What are the mechanics of a short squeeze?

  • What are some of the potential use cases of options trading and what are some of the dangers associated with it?

  • Whether we are in a bubble or not, prices are quite high across the board. How might we position ourselves for success in the next decade?


Twitter: @justLBell & @callieabost

Compliance Code: 0943-OAS-03/19/2021

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