Ric Edelman (Live from Ascent)

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Tune in to hear:

- Ric Edelman started off as a reporter - does Ric think that an advisor could start “Edelman 2.0", so to speak, using the same formula with education at the forefront?

- Why might it be wise to “narrowcast” rather than broadcast?

- What are two or three actionable steps that American investors can take now?

- Why does Ric think that Blockchain technology is one of the top four inventions in the history of commerce?

- How does one strike a balance between being enthusiastic about Blockchain technologies while not falling into a camp of blind adoration or misinformed distrust?

- In addition to behavioral facets, what other conditions would Ric look for to determine the suitability of crypto for a client?

- Might crypto and the blockchain be able to help us overcome historical wealth inequality issues?


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