Robert Sofia - The Five Principles of Marketing Psychology

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- Robert says in marketing “you must get past the mental filter.” If we are going to get past the mental filter, how can we do it in a way that doesn’t land flat on its face or go too far?

- How can one evoke an emotional response in a nuanced way without seeming corny or disingenuous? Are there certain business for whom this approach may not be effective?

- How can a marketing approach build familiarity without becoming overly repetitive, rote or in your face?

- Irresistible offers are one of the five principles of effective marketing. How can you craft an offer your client can’t refuse?

- What is one big promise that financial professionals can tell their clients they will deliver on?

- Signaling trustworthiness is a crucial aspect of advertising. What steps can advisors take to both be trustworthy and to convey this to their target market?

- Why is merely being trustworthy often not sufficient to scale your business?

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