Wolfberg, Bromfield, Burns & More! "Comics...Keep'm Laughing" TV Show Show #136

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Back in 1987, a local TV station KXTV #10, did a 1/2 special on standup comedy based on my Laughs Unlimited clubs. Mike Garza Produced & Directed, Jonathan Mumm Hosted, and many comics, Pros & Amateurs were interviewed. Lots of standup taped live, and comics like Dennis Wolfberg, his wife Jeanie McBride, Lois Bromfield, Jimmy Burns, Moe Betterman, Rick Pulido, Don Hepner, and several other local acts shared jokes and talked about the business of comedy.
Really interesting, and the fact that it is dated doesn't come through at all...solid entertainment and conversation. Enjoy!
Hosted by: R. Scott Edwards

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