Who is Nick Delgadillo? | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #21

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Ray Gillenwater and Nick Delgadillo talk about why Nick decided to work for The Aasgaard Company, what Nick does for Starting Strength Gyms, and some of his many hobbies. 03:48 - Who is Nick D 06:48 - How it started / The phone call from Rip 12:32 - What was the driving factor for Nick's decision 18:29 - The difference between how The Aasgaard Company and other companies operate 25:44 - Tuckman's Stages of Organizational Development 26:35 - Maintaining high standards 31:29 - How to get Starting Strength to more people while keeping the standard high 37:01 - SSC is a job requirement 39:44 - Nick's obsessions / hobbies 53:57 - Getting a fitness certification - Starting Strength Coach 57:41 - Pistol coaching and shooting - Range Master 01:14:19 - If you care about something, don't be the best at it

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